Impact Edge

Impact Edge Lab

Impact Edge Lab is a joint initiative of Industree Foundation and Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology. The program seeks to educate, incubate and accelerate impact entrepreneurs in their endeavors to solve some of the world’s most complex problems. Through an approach that combines business strategy, design thinking, lean and agile modes of working, and sustainable social impact, this lab equips its participants with the tools to create successful impact enterprises.

What is an Impact Enterprise?

The primary aim of an impact enterprise is to profitably maximize impact and not maximize profit.

Why an Impact Enterprise?

Business and design usually focus on the most affluent 10 percent of the world’s population, while the rest benefit from a trickle down effect. Design for business is  very powerful in creating solutions that fulfill aspirations and garner wide reach. Why not use business and design  to tackle the “wicked problems” our world faces today?

Implementing business strategy into the social sector allows enterprises to not only become self-sustaining, but also scalable in delivering their impact. Consistent and reliable revenue streams free up an enterprise to focus more of its efforts on the problems they wish to solve. As the business generates higher profits, it can grow in scale and, in turn, scale its impact.

One key difficulty social entrepreneurs face is the complexity of the “wicked problems” they seek to address. This is where design thinking comes in. Design is a holistic approach, giving one the ability to work within ambiguous and complicated situations. By applying design thinking methods to solving issues like poverty, sustainable livelihoods and employment, entrepreneurs have a better chance at creating effective solutions.


Impact Edge seeks to create an enabling ecosystem to help Impact Enterprises develop and thrive.


The Masters in Impact Entrepreneurship is a Professional Practice program conducted out of Srishti Bangalore. This course is specifically designed for working professionals who wish to build their skills and qualifications in impact entrepreneurship while they are building out their enterprises, without becoming a full time student. The program is structured as a series of 12 weeklong boot camps with infield practicals following each.  During these practicals, participants implement their boot camp learnings as a way to gain immediate experience in new concepts and tools.The entrepreneurs will also be supported by mentors during their incubation journey.

The MINT program offers a sachet option to those who wish to attend individual boot camps without enrolling in the full two years. Check out the session schedule here to see if you’d like to participate in any!

Creative Manufacturing is a 3-year Undergraduate Technical Program held at Srishti Pune. The course currently focuses on Furniture & Woodcraft; and Apparel, Textiles and Made ups, training students in design, entrepreneurship and productivity. This program is ideal for students who are looking to become business savvy design practitioners in craft based manufacturing companies.

Final year Bachelor of design students at Srishti have the option to join an Impact Edge enterprise for their Thesis Projects if they so choose. Depending on their major and areas of interest. Many of these students continue to work with the enterprises they have chosen after they graduate.