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GreenKraft is a producer-owned social enterprise – a Producer Company under Indian law, incorporated in 2012, supported by Industree Foundation  Currently it is based outside of Madurai, in Tamil Nadu. Almost 100% of the members are women, with a number of them in supervisory positions. IF believes that if the poor have access to the sustained and consistent demand for their products and services, and are provided with an enabling ecosystem, they can integrate into the formal economy and lift themselves out of poverty. This essentially means that customer attainment followed by customer retention is key. The producers own the company. Since inception the company has done cumulative sales of over 5 Million USD, with customers like, Ikea, H&M, TJ Max, etc.  The company has 1,100 members with almost 100% women. The company manufactures high-quality hand-woven baskets made from recycled banana bark.

Owner-members of GreenKraft enjoy regular and formal work with full labor standards, social security and pension benefits, health insurance, childcare, and opportunities for skill development and career advancement. Many of the women members are earning income for the first time in their lives. Recognizing this, the company provides key life skills training such as digital banking and personal financial management, nutrition, and health. The women feel empowered at work and home, their families become more resilient to life crises, and the next generation enjoys an improved standard of living.

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  • Monthly Production: 10500  pieces, 35 producers, 25 machines
  • Unit runs at 55% efficiency
  • Average Sample creation time: 30 minutes • In-house product development and design studio
  • In-house training and skill development center in partnership with the NSDC
  • In-house finishing unit with a capacity of 1000 pieces per day
  • Planning to add 50 more machines to increase efficiency